Any graduates from a Recognized Institute and designers who want to make career as a Web Developer, Front End Developer, User Interface (UI) Engineer, User Interface (UI) Developer, HTML/CSS Developer, and Web Application Developers.  A web designer who wants to improve his developer skills can also take up this course.

We Guarantee you 100% Placements assistance in MNC and 2-tier Companies with Good Package.  We will inform send you regarding the openings in MNCs and will also inform you for interviews until you get a job.

Our courses run in different Branches at Pune with on-site at client locations (Corporate Training) with 40 hrs php training classes with live project for the students to practice.


30 Hours of Theory and 90 Hours of Practical Classes (includes training duration).  We have Regular Batches of 2 hours from Monday-Friday.  And also Weekend Batches which will be conducted for 2 hours Every Saturday and Sunday. We will also be providing the Study Material of each and every topic.


  • Currently Working Professional (TL)
  • 25+ years of Total IT Experience with multiple roles like Software Development and Corporate training, Web Development.
  • Involved in several Software Development Programs, Team Leader, Project Manager Head at a Leading MNC, etc.
  • Have delivered 500+ Classroom Training and 110+ in-house Corporate Training at various IT Companies in India and UK.


We rank in the Top Position in Providing Placements to the Students. Our Placement organizer will forward you all the information regarding the job openings till you Get Placed in a Leading MNC. We Provide Live Projects and assessments for you to Practice and also
Free Job Assistance to all our students and Certification.
We also provide you the Lab Facility, Free Wi-Fi and Free Career Counseling for Mock Exams and Mock Interviews  Conducted in India.


  1.          Introduction HTML/HTML5
  2.          HTML Elements
  3.          HTML Attributes
  4.          HTML all Tags
  5.          HTML Forms
  6.          HTML Frames / I frames
  7.          HTML5 New Elements
  8.          HTML5 Video
  9.          HTML5 Video/DOM
  10.          HTML5 Audio
  11.          HTML5 Canvas/SVG
  12.          HTML5 SVG
  1.          CSS/CSS3 Introduction
  2.          CSS Syntax
  3.          CSS Id & Class
  4.          CSS Styling
  5.          CSS Box Model
  6.          CSS Border
  7.          CSS Padding
  8.          CSS Advanced
  9.          CSS Image Gallery
  10.          CSS Align
  11.          CSS Positioning/Floating
  12.          CSS Navigation Bar
  1.          Introduction to client side scripting
  2.          JS Basics
  3.          JS Events
  4.          JS Objects
  5.          JS User Defined Functions
  6.          JS Validations using Object Functions
  7.          JS Validations using Regular Expressions
  8.          JS Document Object Model
  9.          JS Browser Object Model
  1.          Introduction and Installation
  2.          Syntax
  3.          jQuery Selectors
  4.          jQuery Events
  5.          jQuery Effects
  6.          jQuery Callbacks
  7.          jQuery and HTML
  8.          jQuery CSS
  9.          jQuery Get
  10.          jQuery Set
  11.          jQuery Add/Remove
  12.          validation using jquery
  1.          Introduction
  2.          WAMP, LAMP, MAMP & XAMP
  3.          PHP & MySQL Installation
  4.          PHP Programming Basics
  5.          Object-oriented Programming In PHP
  6.          Files And Directories
  7.          Important Classes
  8.          PHP & File Uploads
  9.          Pagination
  10.          PHP Email Sending
  1.          Basics
  2.          Directory Structure
  3.          Creating Databases
  4.          Creating Tables,
  5.          Fields And Indexes
  6.          Writing SQL Queries
  7.          Subqueries, Joins, And Unions
  8.          Insert,update ,delete Records
  9.          Using Built-in Functions
  10.          MySQL Table Types And Transactions
  1.          Introduction to wordpress
  2.          Installing WordPress on your Desktop and on a Server
  3.          Get familiar with dashboard
  4.          Theme Customization
  5.          Menu and Widgets
  6.          Custom Post Type
  7.          Plugin Development
  8.          taxonomies
  9.          upgrade to latest versions
  10.          E-commerce website development

A web development tool allows the companies to get in touch with millions of web surfers all over the world, expanding the wide range of the customers. This also makes the companies approachable to the global population. A website makes the business look more dependable if they are represented in a professional way.

Website development includes from simple programmingdata of a website to adding client, content, network security and web server configuration, e-commerce development and more. It usually ranges from creating the simplest, plain text to the most difficult web-based applications, social network services and electronic business. It’s worth to focus on the design aspects as well as the coding when developing the website. The content should accurately depict what your service provides and be geared towards enticing the site’s visitors, in order to keep them engaged.

If you want your business to prosper, web development is very important. Building a well-designed, professional looking website will help u to get into the foot of the online market, and give you a base from which to build your client.

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