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Learning English language is a must in today’s world.  Whether you are a student, a professional working in an organization or in daily life, knowing how to read, write and speak English is a must for communication.

Nowadays, speaking fluent English has become a status symbol. People who are not proficient enough face many difficulties of different kinds at some or the other time in their life. India is a country of diverse cultures and English is a common language which connects people. Not only in India, English is a globally used common language. People worldwide generally use English as a medium for communication with others. In your daily life also you may find a lot of difficulties if you go out of your house and have to interact with people. Learning spoken English will also give you confidence in all walks of life, eg: I had been to the Bank the other day and found a lady helpless, because she had to fill out a form and did not know how to read or write English, she was dependant on another person’s help. There will be many such circumstances in your life where English speaking, reading, writing will give you the confidence and independence needed. If you are a student, it will be a really good time to start Spoken English classes as at this age, your grasping skills are fast, and by sharpening your language skill right from now, you will gain a good command over the language. If you are a professional working in the commercial world, there are clients from various countries who do not understand Hindi and have to converse with you in English. If you are not fluent in the language, telephonic talks, email writing, face to face conversations become a big hurdle in your path and curtail your progress, promotions, onsite offers and much more.  This might also reduce your confidence in yourself inspite of having deep knowledge of your other work aspects.

Why remain behind in this race of life just because of such a small thing which can be learned easily with our help and your sincere determination to learn?

We here at Pune Training Institute can help you out in sharpening your Spoken English skills and in your overall personality development.

We have Spoken English courses designed for different levels. Below are the details. You can choose a course according to your requirement.

  • Level 1- Courses for students and beginners, who are new to English and need coaching right from scratch.
  • Level 2- Courses for students who are known to English but want to improve.
  • Level 3- Courses for professionals who need to improve their Spoken English skills as part of communication in corporate world.
  • Level 4- Courses for those who want to appear for TOEFL and IELTS certifications.


Pune Training Institute has one of the best Spoken English classes in Pimple Saudagar. We lead in taking Spoken English classes because we use innovative methods of teaching such as visualization, technology tools, active learning methods and enacting stories, teaching through conversations, games etc.  We have professors proficient and certified in English Language who will sharpen your basic English skills well. We encourage you to participate which makes it fun learning and not mundane. Our Course fee is very reasonable and affordable. It will open up a lot of career opportunities for you and uplift your self-esteem.

There are a lot of institutes giving Spoken English training, however Pune Training Institute is one of the best for taking Spoken English classes. Pune Training Institute is located at Pimple Saudagar, near Kalewadi Phata, Wakad. Our institute is close to Pimpri, Dange Chowk, Baner, Aundh, Wakad, Pimple Saudagar, Pimple gurav and Chinchwad. You can choose course timings as per your convenience. Visit our ‘Contact Us’ Page for more details, to get in touch, know about the curriculum, fees and book a demo session.

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