German Language Classes in Pune

Learning German is a great idea if you want to pursue higher studies in Germany or take up a profession that requires German proficiency. At Pune Training Institute, we teach German in the most professional manner. On undertaking our course seriously and successfully, you will have the desired levels of grasp over German n language that will help you in your academic or professional front. As German is widely spoken in Central Europe, your chances of getting jobs in European countries are elevated. There are different gradations of the courses that are imparted depending on the desired levels of proficiency.

We impart the German courses in a friendly manner. This makes the process of learning easier. We organize several workshops and audiovisual programs that make the process of learning German easier. We maintain an environment that is supportive in learning this foreign language. The aims of each student after learning German may be different. But, the skills that they acquire from our Institute prove helpful irrespective of the field that they choose in their career. We are having German trainers as well as Indian trainers. This makes the learning of the language even more foolproof. You get to learn the German customs also from the German instructors.

After joining the Pune Training Institute, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will be able to learn the language from an Institute that maintains the quality of teaching that produces exceptional results.
  • You will find that we follow a modern approach to teaching German. We do not keep the course confined to only the textbooks.
  • Along with the learning of this language, the knowledge of German culture is important to understand the language use. We help you understand German culture also.
  • We have different levels of courses. If you are a student, we have a separate course. A distinct course is there for professionals who desire to go to Germany for working there.
  • The presence of German trainers along with the Indian trainers makes the learning of German more complete.
  • We have a rich track record. The students who have undergone training at our Institute are all using this language in their career. Many of them are already working in Germany.
  • We have kept the charges as quite modest to enable more and more students to undergo this course. Other institutes rates are generally higher than that of ours.
  • We conduct weekly assessments to understand the standard of progress made by each student. We give individual attention to each student.
  • The timings for the courses can be selected as per the mutual convenience of the students and the trainer. Our Institute remains open on weekends also.
  • Our certification will give you an edge over others.

You can collect feedback about our courses from our former students. Contact us for their details. Once you gather proficiency in German, you will have ample career opportunities. Come and enroll with one of the best German Training Institutes in Pune.

Being a multilingual always has perks. Choosing which language to learn depends on your interest. Whatever plans you may have for the future Knowledge of German will increase your option, learning German can improve quality of your work and private life, it will help you in every way possible, whether it is Study, Business or travel there are many Perks of learning German, some of them are

  • Study in Germany:German is very important language in academic community, Germany awards a generous number of scholarships and other support to study in Germany. It ranks second as the most commonly used scientific language.
  • Science and Research: German is the second most commonly used scientific language. Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development and offers research fellowships to scientists from abroad. Germans are innovators, Germans are on the frontline of new technologies. Germany exports more high-tech products than any other country
  • Travel & Tourism :If you are Travelling to Germany Knowing German will always be a benefit to you, Apart from that if you work in travel and hospitality Industry Knowing German is always an  advantage as tourists from German-speaking countries travel wide and far, and are the world’s biggest spenders of US dollars when on holiday. They appreciate to be looked after by German-speaking staff and tour guides.
  • Business:Multinational business opportunities exist throughout the European Union, even if you are in US knowing German can give you great Advantage, German companies account for more than 700,000 jobs in United States.
  • Cultural understanding:German-speaking countries have a rich cultural heritage,German speakers have a rich cultural heritage in their own right. Germany is often referred to as the land of “Dichter und Denker” — of poets and thinkersKnowing German allows you to access the works of these people in their original language and to fully understand the culture whence they derived.
  • Opportunities for exchange: A wide range of exchange program exists for both school and university students between Germany and many countries in the world.

Pune training institute being one of the best German Language Training Provider in Pune helps students to explorer their integral skills and provide best platform to learn German language.

Germany is presently having the right increment in the technological sphere. In fact, the universities of Germany are allowing a good number of international students who needs some basic knowledge of the language. Pune Training Institute helps these students to have the right knowledge of the basic language that assists them in the communication. A multilingual person will have a faster access to the localities present there.

There can be a list of people who can have the right benefit from attending the German language classes. In fact, it is these classes that can help some to have a boom in their career. The parameters of success for the business person also rates high, if he allows himself to be multilingual. The people who should be attending these courses are like:

  • Students: There are many technology students who gets some finest opportunities for a higher studies. Thus if these students take a basic training prior to the travel, they can get sorted when they travel to a different land.
  • Technical workers: The people working in the technical sector often needs to travel to variant countries with several projects. On such occasions it is beneficial for the employees to have the right perception of the language to get sorted with the communication when they travel with a project.
  • Online business person: There is a basic need for the online business people to have an understanding about the definite languages. The business man can have a thorough conversation with the different German companies which can be a boon in their working spree.
  • Teachers: One who is planning to teach in the different international schools can get geared up with the variant perspectives. There is this perception which will allow you to work with the regulation of factors. There is this need which will allow you to get appointed any of the foreign language teaching institute and the different schools who are in need of a German teacher.

Certainly there is a need which makes people learn the different foreign languages. There is this need which allows the right type of perception. Thus, there are some more key features that leads them to understand that German can be an important language to learn.

  • When you have the skill to communicate with someone else, other than your comfort zone, it is obvious that you are at an advantage.
  • Opens up huge opportunity for students who are planning to fly to Germany for a higher study.
  • There are several opportunities to start a career as an online teacher.
  • Teaching institutes often hire teachers of German language.
  • Being a corporate you can start to travel any day. A good awareness of this language can help you in many ways.
  • Helps you to join the intellect group, who look for people aware about the variant cultures of the world. Learning German also includes a learning of the country’s culture and the norms.
  • Interpreting jobs will accept you widely. You can very easily get through the interpreting interviews which will allow you to flourish in your career.
  • Be one of the best travel bloggers with by acquiring a knowledge in German. Get a grip of the whole world with a course from us in German.

It is imperative to understand that when you want to learn some new languages, the first look through you have is on the course. There needs to be some attraction that will attract you to get admitted in the following process of German learning.

Primarily the course can be divided as per the time you want to invest in the training. We help our students to get a complete idea about the language within the minimum time of course. The course structure can include:

Basic course: This basic course will help you to have the right details of the language and the basic technicalities of the language.

  • Alphabets and letters
  • Basic terminologies
  • Basic pronunciation
  • Basic relational terms
  • Basic pronouns, nouns, adjectives and verbs
  • Addressing terms
  • Basic constructional structure of the sentences
  • Basic numerology

Secondary course: This course is slightly for some more number of days. It will have all the above basic details from the above course and also some advanced learning. These advanced courses will include:

  • Advanced grammar: The grammar and the terminologies will help in acquiring the language better.
  • Cultural acquaintances: You may be slowly acquainted to small poems and most importantly will let you have the right writing power on this foreign language.

Degree course: Degree course will have a complete working on the figuration of the language. Apart from the basics, you also get to have an awareness about the entire literature of the German language. Thus you can be an active speaker of German and become a pro in the spoken form.

German alphabet are same as English alphabet, however , they include four more extra letters which you come across in German Language : ä, ö, ü and ß. Though these extra letters are not part of the alphabet. Once you are familiar with the pronunciation of the German language you will find German can be spoken quite smoothly without using too much spit and harsh, abrupt endings.

Alphabets in German :
Below are the German Alphabets with appropriate pronunciation of the letter.

A = ah

B = beh

C = tsay

D = deh

E = eh

F = eff

G = geh

H = hah

I = eee

J = yot

K = kah

L = ell

M = em

N = en

O = oh

P= peh

Q = kuh

R = err

S = ess

T = tay

U = uh

V = fau

W = vay

X = ix

Y = ipsilon

Z = tsett

ß = esstsset


Extra Letters :

dots above the extra letters ä, ö and ü create a sharper sound, made more in the front of your mouth. These are called “Umlaute”. You don’t have to decide whether to put dots on these vowels, these come standard with certain words. They can also be written as ae, oe, and ue.

This unusual looking letter ß, which looks like a B is called “esszett” and is another symbol for a double ss.

Umlaut                        Appropriate English Sound                German Example

Ä                                               Cat                                                Mädchen (Girl)

Ö                                               Turn                                              schön (nice)

Ü                                               Jerusalem                                   Tür (door)


Note: Best German Language Classes in pune.


English (pronunciation)

German (pronunciation)


Zero (Zeer-ro)

null (null)


one (wun)

eins (eyns)


two (too)

zwei (tsvigh)


three (three)

drei (dry)


four (for)

vier (fear)


five (five)

fünf (fuenf)


six (siks)

sechs (zeks)


seven (sev-en)

sieben (zee-ban)


eight (ate)

acht (aakht)


nine (nine)

neun (noin)


ten (ten)

zehn (zen)


eleven (e-lev-en)

elf (elf)


twelve (twelv)

zwölf (tsvulf)

Note: Best German Language Classes in pune.


Note: Best German Language Classes in pune.

  1. How can German language help me?

German language is another important language which massively helps people who are planning for a cross cultural trip. The need may be for your professions, or it can be for your higher studies. It is immensely helpful in the process.

  1. Where can I acquire the course from?

There are various language institutes that can help you to get sorted with this language. There are different universities which also provides some similar type of training for the language learners.

  1. How efficient and faster can I learn the language?

The efficiency and fastness to learn the language will depend on how fast you grip. It is definite that when you look through the courses, make an idea about how well can you cope. Some may cope the basics with half month. While, some may take a year to get sorted with the entire course.

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Prathamesh Rastougi

“I am a bureaucrat from South India. I suddenly got transferred to Germany with a promotion in the International relation. I just had few months to gear up with the language. Essentially, The Pune Training Institute had helped me a lot to have one of the best understanding of this language. Though I was guided by a personal interpreter but I felt confident on learning the language myself.”

Jennifer Collins

“It’s been a wonder for me to learn German within six months. I had to travel alone for a company project and I felt absolutely confident on knowing the traveler guide in German language.”

Shreya Gupta

“A magnificent class ambiance with all the technical learning details. Makes you enjoy the essence of learning the language in details.”

Umesh Narang

“One of the most competitive training institutes, where the students are individually taken care to get sorted with the lessons. The teachers are helpful to the utmost with all the facilities needed to learn the language.”

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by Anuj rajput on Blank Business Name
best institutes for german classes.

one of the most helpfull institutes for me. they teach German in the most professional manner and faculty was too good. they tech German courses in a friendly manner. This makes the process of learning easier.organize several workshops and audiovisual programs that make the process of learning German easier. Danke (thank you) pune training institutes.

by sonalika das on Blank Business Name
Best german class in pune

Pune training institute is best institute in pune for german language class. All the faculties are highly talented and motivated. Their teaching styles are completely different and unique. With the help of this language we can get many opportunities to develop our career.

by bhavini khatke on Blank Business Name

iam bhavini and i love learned different language but most i am in inserted in german language but for me it was difficult but when i join the Pune training institute i seen changes in me while speaking and learning german language . these six months i have learned alot with highly skilled faculty and way they taught us its simply amazing. and last i suggest you before going any institute come to pune training institute have experience of learning ...Al les Gute..!! ( All the best…!)

by Rahul singh on Blank Business Name
no.1 learning classes of german language.

I am fully satisfied learning german language only because of “Training Institute Pune”.i thank the trainer for the support to teach difficult grammer part with easy. now that I have learned it I am speaking german language with my friends as well….

Best German Language Class In Pune

Germany is internationally recognised as the industrial and economic powerhouse of Europe, so a working knowledge of German is essential for professionals in areas such as business, finance, economics and politics. Pune Training Institute is One Of the Best Institute to Learn German,the trainers are very helpful and they take every week one session on doubt or any problem if student face on understanding of German language.