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German Language Classes in Kothrud Pune.

At Pune Training Institute, We do not keep the course confined to only the textbooks. You will find that we follow a modern approach to teaching German language. On undertaking our course seriously and successfully, you will have the desired levels of grasp over German n language that will help you in your academic or professional front. At KOTHRUD we organize several workshops and audiovisual programs that make the process of learning German easier. We maintain an environment that is supportive in learning this foreign language.

German is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe. Research shows that German is the most important and widely spoken language after English as a leading language in almost all spheres of human activity.

German language is the second most commonly used scientific language as well as the third most widely used language on websites. Along with the learning of this language, the knowledge of German culture is important to understand the language use. We help you understand German culture also.

A person who is student within always finds a way to learn new things. While we believe in improving our self and sharing knowledge with others, who are willing to learn new language to create new opportunities in this huge but little digital world. German Language Classes in Kothrud, i.e. In Pune, here we help people to understand a language which was first introduced in 1911 in Deccan College in PUNE.

GERMAN LANGUAGE CLASSES IN KOTHRUD provides lessons on weekends also.

  • Professional & experienced instructors.
  • Participation certificate.
  • Opens up huge opportunity for students who are planning to fly to Germany for a higher study.
  • Advanced grammar: The grammar and the terminologies will help in acquiring the language better.
  • Cultural acquaintances: You may be slowly acquainted to small poems and most importantly will let you have the right writing power on this foreign language.
  1. Which German language courses institute provides?

The Institute teaches German Language at five levels

  • I – Basic (A1)
  • II – Intermediate A+B (A2)
  • III – Advanced A+B (B1) and more.
  1. What is the duration of the course?
  • 4 Months, if you like to join Weekend Batch. And
  • 3 Months for Weekdays batch.
  1. How efficient and faster can I learn the language?

The efficiency and fastness to learn the language will depend on how fast you grip. It is definite that when you look through the courses, make an idea about how well can you cope. Some may cope the basics with half month.

While, some may take a year to get sorted with the entire course.

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Prathamesh Rastougi

“I am a bureaucrat from South India. I suddenly got transferred to Germany with a promotion in the International relation. I just had few months to gear up with the language. Essentially, The Pune Training Institute had helped me a lot to have one of the best understanding of this language. Though I was guided by a personal interpreter but I felt confident on learning the language myself.”

Jennifer Collins

“It’s been a wonder for me to learn German within six months. I had to travel alone for a company project and I felt absolutely confident on knowing the traveler guide in German language.”

Shreya Gupta

“A magnificent class ambiance with all the technical learning details. Makes you enjoy the essence of learning the language in details.”

Umesh Narang

“One of the most competitive training institutes, where the students are individually taken care to get sorted with the lessons. The teachers are helpful to the utmost with all the facilities needed to learn the language.”

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