French Language Classes in Pune

By learning French, many doors for making exciting careers will open up for you.  French is the only language other than English to be spoken in 5 continents. If you know French, it will become easier to find a job in the country or abroad. We are offering different modules of French classes that will lead to different desired levels of proficiency.

We are one of the top Institutes in Pune for learning French. Our trainers are highly skilled in French with lots of teaching experience and are very dedicated in their teaching. Our French course materials have been designed after taking inputs from experts. Our training courses focus on the following aspects:

  • Language structure introduction in comparison to the English language
  • Vocabulary in French along with the correct pronunciation
  • Correct construction of sentences
  • Learning the construction of phrases
  • The correct French grammar
  • Use of the right accent while speaking
  • Creating the skills of listening in French
  • Creating the skills of speaking in French
  • Acquiring the skills of reading as well as writing in French
  • Knowledge of the phonetic alphabets that are understood internationally
  • Translation of French


Our aim is to enable the students to achieve desired levels of communication skills in French in the comprehension of spoken and written French and be able to speak and write in French.

  • We have both native Indian as well as French faculty for teaching.
  • You can select the module as per your desired levels of proficiency.
  • We conduct our classes during the weekdays as well as weekends. You may select batches as per your preferred timing.
  • We pay individual attention to each student.
  • The course fees are reasonable and are as per the rates of the current market standards.
  • Our certification carries weight. Many employers will give you an edge over others if you carry a certificate from our institute.
  • We make use of smart technology for the teaching classes.

There are other institutes which are conducting French language training. But by choosing us, you can be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • You be able to communicate in the French language within a short span
  • The course can be customized as per your need
  • There are certain practical needs that have been taken into consideration during the course designing
  • The French trainers are also aware of the French culture and customs. You can have knowledge of that too.
  • You will be imparted knowledge of the different career options that can open up for you if you learn French

Most of the students who have undertaken French classes at our institute have been able to secure good jobs. You can interact with our former students if you would like to and receive an authentic feedback about us. Contact us for further details and enrolment process.

Apart from the precise reason why learning French can help you. This language also has several other perspectives. One who loves to travel will have a reliable assistance if he is a French speaker. There are different countries where French is well understood and respected as one of the prominent languages. This language will also help you in having a right approach to the world literature. There are some important works in French literature. No matter whether you are a research student or a corporate one, French can help you to have a better future. Thus, gear up to take the required lessons in French from reliable institutes like us.

French is one of the most prominent languages in the world. There are some section of people who will be highly advantageous if they acquire this knowledge. There is this precision to understand that which section of the people must attend lessons in French.

  • Corporates: You never know where your luck may take you to. Thus, it is important that you keep yourself ready with all degrees in hand. Having a degree on any foreign language from an expert institute like us can help you to have a fast performance. With an advantage of knowing this language, you can participate on several cross-cultural corporate ventures.
  • Students: Being a student you need to look through the avenues which can help you to flourish. Thus, you can relevantly work on your field with a broader perspective of working. However, acquire the degree which will add some value to your future studying opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs: It is true that digital marketing has led an opening to the several global marketing strategies. But being an entrepreneur, it is equally advantageous if you are well acquainted with a foreign language like French. With a prominent degree, you can lead a global venture for your start up.
  • Freelancers: Freelancers are always waiting for good opportunities. It is imperative to get sorted with few more languages which will allow you to create a good interaction with the clients.
  • Travelers: You might be interested in traveling or your profession may include you into a lot of traveling. Thus, on this perspective, a French class from us, can help you to get sorted with the required perspectives.

Knowing French can actually help you to have a better competition in this world. It is mandatory to get sorted with the variant need to learn this particular language for a beneficial future.

  • Preference in your job profile. Increased scope for a better future.
  • Assistance in communicating with people when you go abroad.
  • Getting a preference as you can venture into a wider perspective.
  • Getting opportunities to attend cross cultural meets.
  • Helpful for literature students who can apply for cultural learning programs.
  • An accessible class system at Pune.
  • Location of the class can be well accessed from the different parts.
  • Pertains to both Indian and international faculty.
  1. What is the advantage of investing into French Language?

The answer can be variant. There is this particular concept which will allow you to get through the variant perspectives. The advantages may vary as per your need. French is one of the most proficient language spoken after English. On learning this language you can find a good number of opportunities opened for you in different avenues.

  1. How long can you take to learn French?

There are several courses. Some may prefer to enroll into the basics, which is practically a half year course. You can also opt for Diploma course which will make you have a good note on the grammar. You can also take a degree course which will help you to have a complete grip over the language. In fact, you will be well acquainted with reading, writing and speaking.

  1. What are the career options after learning this language?

Apart from assistance in your personal career, if you want to grow a career on the language, you can either be a teaching professionals in any one of these institutes. There are different schools who demand foreign language teachers. You can easily get appointed as one of them.

  1. What is the cost factor for the completion of the course?

Well, the cost is completely depended on the course that you avail. It is imperative to know which course you have enrolled into. In accordance to the course, you will be guided with the fee structure.

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Francis Dsouza

“Welcoming teachers, communicative students, wonderful class culture and an initiator for the best performance. One of the most enthusiastic and encouraging tutorial homes.”

Ayan Goyal

“I am a literature student and had to be aware of the basic of French Language to get a good score in my papers. I was essentially helped by the teachers with a diploma program in French from Pune Training Institute.”

Sayanti Paul

“Myself Sayanti Paul, an entrepreneur in export and import. My profession was mainly to communicate with the different world wide small scale industry clients. English was the only communication mode I was comfortable in. but to lead my business further, I wanted to enrich myself with other world languages. French was my choice, as that fascinated me. Pune Training Institute has truly helped me to master this foreign language within a smaller time bound. Greatest thanks to the tutors who helped me to have a boom in my career.”

Videsh Patnaik

“A wonderful short and crisp course available which allows any layman to grip up the language with minimal effort.”

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by sara gawali on Pune Training Institute
best german language classes

Pune training institute is the best institute of foreign language classes. This is the one of the best institute of the pune city. In pune training institute various technologies are available such as Spoken English and Foreign Languages like Spanish, French, Japanese and German.
Pune training institute is one the best institute to learn basic and advanced basic spoken English and foreign language classes.teachers are well qualified ,professional experts.pune training institute certificates are good value in market. Separate class rooms are available.
so join immediately pune training institute.both trainers are very helpful and experts in their coaching. We give more practice and exercise to our students equip their knowledge in a practical manner.Contact us for your learning needs.

by sara gawali on Pune Training Institute
best french language classes

Pune training institute is the best institute of foreign language classes. This is the one of the best institute of the pune city. trainers are highly skilled in French with lots of teaching experience and are very dedicated in their teaching. Well trained class rooms are available.